Hiroshima is a city of close to 1.2 million people in a district of almost 3 million. It is known around the world as being the first city ever to be targeted by a nuclear bomb. Though it has history as of one of the greatest human disasters of the 20th century, today it is a beautiful city filled with peace-loving people. For such an amazing city, filled with beautiful people and a history the entire world knows about, there are still only a handful of small churches reaching anyone with the Love of Jesus – this must change.
Our vision is to plant a thriving local church in the heart of Hiroshima city where the young Japanese generation can easily come to hear the message of Jesus in a relevant way. We can see a church where people are built up and equipped to be authentic disciples of Jesus who will impact the world. We believe that there are literally hundreds of thousands of people in Hiroshima who are just waiting to hear about Jesus! This city needs many great churches committed to reaching people with the hope and love of Jesus.