Church Plant Fund

For Lifehouse to keep planting churches at the pace we are, we rely on generous churches, organizations, and individuals to partner with us financially to help support the first few years of church planting costs.

These offerings will go to the set up and general running of the church for the first year or two. It includes

– Production equipment

– Van

– Venue renting fees

– Ministry fees

– Lead pastor salary (one day a week)

Support The Lead Pastor

When we start a new church in Japan we only have enough in the budget to pay the Lead pastor for one day a week, as will be the case for Lewis in Hiroshima.

Ayami will find a full time job in her field (pre school teacher) and Lewis will teach English part time to make up the rest of his wage.

However if there were extra support for Lewis he could teach English less and focus more time in Outreach, follow up, and discipleship. This would be very impactful for the early development of the church.

If you would like to give to either of these causes, please click the link below. Just be sure to choose – Hiroshima, and state what you are giving to.

If you have questions about giving, please contact us.