Join the team

We are looking for young, passionate disciples of Jesus, (aged 18-30), who would consider joining the plant team as an intern for at least one year.

This is an exciting opportunity which will be life changing and beyond significant.

We have a website set up specifically for this. Please check it out

Intern Information

Bring a team

Bringing a short term missions team from a local church is another amazing way your church could support Lifehouse Hiroshima.

Team Activities

The focus of your team while here will be both Street Outreach and Campus Outreach. Street Outreach is often done by music and free English conversations, having a blast on the street, and connecting with people who stop by and inviting them to church. Campus outreach looks different for each campus, but all share the same purpose of connecting with new friends and inviting them to church. It is basically a whole lot of making new friends and inviting them to church. These are two of our most effective outreaches.

There are so many young people in Japan who have never had a Christian friend, been invited to church, or heard the gospel in their lives. We know, however, that the huge majority of young Japanese are very open to coming to church and hearing about Jesus. They are just waiting for an invite. Japanese people love to speak to foreigners and learn English, so your team will have a great impact and really lift the fringe of the church.

3 levels of involvement

1. Full on

This option is for teams who are coming to Japan for the sole purpose of supporting Lifehouse church through outreach. The schedule will change based on the city but it means a full week, long days, possibly multiple services and church events, lots of movement, and a whole lot of outreach! Its a tiring week but a very rewarding one! Most teams stay an extra day or two to do some sightseeing, etc. after the week of outreach.

2. Outreach and travel

This is for teams who want to do a mix of outreach for Lifehouse church but also have good amount of time to explore and enjoy Japan. We can work on a schedule which works for both the team and the church.

3. Visiting Lifehouse

This is for groups who while in Japan would like to come visit a service or two and attend one or two of the outreaches during the week, then use the majority of their time for enjoying Japan.

People who suit our mission trips well

– love meeting new people and making new friends
– outgoing and active
– have a passion to see people who have never heard about Jesus have a chance too
– someone in late teens and 20s or people who can relate fast and easily with young people

Team Leaders

Team members do not have to be experienced church leaders to be effective with us, however, each team must send a confident and experienced leader to lead the team and communicate with Lifehouse leadership.

To learn more about bringing a team contact us.